Best practices for sending product images for Mercamer

File name logic

File name format: “ProductNumber-ProductName-YourCompanyName-Mercamer-WEB.jpg

Please note that the order of the naming logic is important. Make sure it always stays in the order of product number, hyphen (-), product name, hyphen, company name, hyphen, WEB
File size  Max 100 KB. Best would be under 50KB.
Width / Height  Max 1000px / 1000px
Resolution  72dpi
Color format  sRBG
File format  .JPG. You can also you .PNG but we generally advice against it since png has worse compression abilities and it leaves the file sizes too big.
Other things to consider

Please remove any white spaces around the product images so they can be more easily styled to look uniform with CSS/code (see example below).

Procut image format - example