Mercamer Oy

One of the leading companies in the Finnish packaging branch

Best packaging services since 1973

Mercamer has been established in 1973. Today with 28 MEUR turnover we are one of the leading brands in business.

Our success is on our ability to fulfill customers individual needs. This is based on long term customer and supplier relationships and highly skilled and motivated personnel.

We offer our customers total packaging services with better packages, easier assemblies and faster operations.

Our portfolio covers packaging services from designing, analyzing to standardizations. In materials from corrugated carboards, PE-films, PE-bags, packaging shields and supplies, straps, tapes, to machines.

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Mercamer Oy is the market leader in its field. We have decades of experience in distributing packaging materials and machines. We also offer highly qualified and innovative packaging design services. We take care of the complete process from designing and installing to maintenance and spare-parts deliveries. Please feel free to contact our professionals for more information!

Mercamer Oy

Vantaa - Turku - Tampere - Kuopio - Vaasa - Oulu

Telephone: 010 5633 100


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